Visit Chiang Mai – In Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai is a popular tourist destination in the northern Thailand. This is the fifth largest city in Thailand with the population of over 170,000 people. Chiang Mai is located on a plain surrounded lush countryside and mountains. If you are planning to visit Chiang Mai, this guide will help you get a memorable experience in the place.

How to get in

By plane

The Chiang Mai international airport is one of the busiest airports that handle domestic and international flights. There are numerous airlines that ferry passengers to and from this airport. Once you have alighted from the plane, there will be many taxis waiting for you. Most taxis are affordable and can take you from the airport to the city center in less than 15 minutes.

By bus

In this city, you will find Chang Phuak Bus station and Arcade Bus station used by buses that carry passengers to and from the city. If you are traveling from Bangkok to this destination, you can board a bus from Mo chit Bus terminal. These buses offer affordable price and maximum comfort to the passengers.

By train

There are trains that leave Bangkok on a daily basis. This journey by train from Bangkok to Chang Mai will take approximately 15 hours. These trains ferry passengers to this city day and night. Most people like to travel during the day as they will get an opportunity to see amazing landscapes. On the other hand, there are trains that offer sleeper accommodation at affordable prices. On the train, there are vendors who sell snacks and drinks.

How to get around in Chiang Mai

  • By bus: there are newly introduced buses that operate from the airport and vice versa.
  • Tuk-tuk: although they are noisy, tuk-tuks offer a faster way to get around the city. You can walk down the road and stop a passing tuk-tuk.
  • Taxi: there are many taxi companies in the city. However, you can only find them at the railway station, airport, bus stations, and big hotels.
  • Scooter: this is a cheap and convenient way of getting around Chiang Mai. You can rent a scooter from one of the many rental outfits in town.
  • Bicycle: you can subdue the traffic in the town by getting around using a bicycle. There are very rentals, which rent out the bicycles at affordable rates.

Places to visit

Chiang Mai offers tourists with a number of amazing destinations. Here are some of the destinations you should not afford to miss in this place.

Chiang Mai Zoo

This 200-acre Zoo on the foothills of Doi Suthep provides an excellent view of the wildlife. You will find up to 400 species of animals in the zoo. If you have never seen elephants, tigers, and chimpanzees; this is the perfect place to visit.

Wiang Kum Kam

This is an underground ancient city located 5 kilometers to the south of Chiang Mai. In this place, you will find interesting things such as Buddhist sculptures, Mon inscriptions, pottery, and earthenware.

Mae Sa elephant camp

The elephants at this camp are not ordinary elephants. These domesticated elephants are highly intelligent animals that have trained to play football, dance, and paint as performing a variety of talent shows.